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  • Name: Rail and weld flaw detection

The company now has 6 UT-II flaw detection workers, 5 UT-I flaw detection workers, 1 advanced flaw detection technician and 2 technicians certified by Nondestructive Testing Committee of Ministry of Railways. The technicians are mainly engaged in rail and weld flaw detection, has rich site experiences, can accurately judge the type of internal defects of the rail and the weld, and perform quantification, location and determination.

(I) Rail flaw detection

The self-propelled flaw detection trolley YHD-MT3 and single-rail ultrasonic flaw detector YHD-MT4 device of the company are utilized to perform detection. Scanning A, scanning B and position of the rail are displayed and recorded in real time. The later analysis software can play back and analyze the data and generate the flaw detection report.


(II) Weld flaw detection

The GS-70 automatic welding flaw detector and the digital color screen ultrasonic flaw detector YHD-MT1 device of the company are adopted to perform detection. The GS-70 automatic welding flaw detector adopts 70 channels to perform full-section fixed automatic scanning on contact welding, pressure welding and thermit welding, overcomes the shortcoming of uncertain factors caused by manual factors of manual detection, conducts detection in real time, stores the detection data and can play back and analyze the data and generate the flaw detection report later.

Site flow chart



GS-70 automatic welding flaw detector detection interface diagram

The digital color screen ultrasonic flaw detector YHD-MT1 is mainly used for further checking and determining the damage, and adopts the traditional flaw detection method to check the damage to further ensure the weld flaw detection quality.


Technical standards for rail and weld flaw detection:

YB/T 951-2003 Rail ultrasonic flaw detection method

TB/T 1632.1-2005 General technical specification

TB/T 2658.9-1995 Public service operation standard Rail ultrasonic flaw detection

TB/T 2658.21-2007 Rail weld ultrasonic flaw detection

TB/T 2634-1995 Rail ultrasonic flaw detection probe technical condition

TB/T 2340-2000 Multi-channel A-type display rail ultrasonic flaw detector technical condition

JB/T 10061-1999 A-type pulse reflection type ultrasonic flaw detector general technical condition

JB/T 10062-1999 Performance testing method for probes for ultrasonic flaw detection

Complete thermit welding flaw detection of near 200 kilos for China Railway Seventh Group Co., Ltd, China Railway 12th Bureau Group Co., Ltd and China Railway 21st Bureau Group Co., Ltd in the earlier stage, with the issued reports as follows:


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