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  • Name: Continuously welded rail stress adjustment

For the existing continuously welded rail transit, rail creeping may occur due to sudden braking of trains, uneven ballast ramming, inconsistent fastener fastening pressure and other factors, the rail may be extruded in some sections and stretched in other sections, local stress concentration is generated accordingly, and severe track buckling and breaking hidden hazards exist. To remove the hazards, the internal stress of the rail should be readjusted and locked in the planned range of the stress-free temperature. Meanwhile the newly built continuously welded rail is directly locked to the planned stress-free temperature. The company possesses advanced rail tensors and special construction teams. The rail internal temperature stress will be even, enough and accurate after construction adjustment.

Even: Stress-free temperature is even and consistent in the vertical direction of the rail.

Enough: The planned releasing amount (planned bleeding length) is enough;

Accurate: Resetting of the temperature is accurate and reliable after releasing.

Hydraulic long rail tensor - Imported from Italy (Model MT-H)


Stress releasing and line locking process

Fastener disassembly

Rail lifting

Roller cushioning

Temperature measurement

Rail crashing

Rail pulling

Thermit welding

Rail falling

Upper fastener locking

Site operation construction diagram

The company completed newly built continuously welded rail locking project of nearly 100 kilos in cooperation with China Railway Sixth Group Co., Ltd., China Railway 12th Bureau Group Co., Ltd and China Railway 21st Bureau Group Co., Ltd in 2013.

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