• Name: Continuously welded rail stress-free temperature detection

  The company cooperates with China Academy of Railway Sciences to develop and research NTS 3.X (stress-free temperature detection system). The continuously welded rail stress-free temperature can be obtained through three measured physical quantities of lifting force, displacement and rail temperature by adopting the principle that vertical force of the continuously welded rail corresponds to lifting stiffness without damage to the rail and without the initial parameters of the continuously welded rail. The detection provides accurate stress-free temperature variation parameters for the equipment management department, makes reasonable judgment for whether to dissipate and adjust the stress of the continuously welded rail and removes hazards of track buckling and broken rails.



(1) Site detection diagram


(2) NTS 3.X stress-free temperature detection system analysis software interface (P46)


(3) Stress-free temperature detection report

  Continuously welded rail stress-free temperature detection has been popularized in Urumqi Railway Bureau, Shanghai Railway Bureau, Lanzhou Railway Bureau, Nanchang Railway Bureau, Taiyuan Railway Bureau etc and the like and is highly evaluated by the railway Bureaus.

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