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As a member of China Railway Society Works Committee, Beijing Yan Hong Da Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. has actively introduced foreign advanced railway and high speed railway maintenance equipment over the years to comply with the requirement of railway for leapfrog development and is committed to promoting development of national railway and high speed rail maintenance equipment. The R&D center of the company now has 38 technicians, including 2 doctors, 12 senior engineers and more than 21 engineers, forming an R&D team with strong technological background. The company participates in research and development of high speed railway maintenance equipment, catenary equipment, high speed railway testing equipment etc., participates in development of 1 project of provincial and ministerial level and 4 projects of bureau level, and acquires 14 certificates of patent. High speed railway small inspection vehicle image information acquisition system fills the blank in high speed railway inspection, and improves high speed railway inspection efficiency and reliability; water-immersing type C scanning rail flaw detection technology fills the blank in rail nondestructive testing and achieves detection of rail weld damage position and welding grey spots. YDRF-1 type mobile automatic section blocking train approaching personal safety protection system won the third prize of safety production science and technology achievements awarded by State Administration of Work Safety.

I. Scientific research tasks of China Railway

1. High speed railway turnout replacement solution

II. Scientific research tasks of Railway Bureau

1. Locomotive top-ascending high voltage alarm device

2. Long stroke rail tensor

3. CNC rail grinding machine

4. Rail straightness laser measurement platform

III. Patent technology

1. Rail laser automatic leveling measurement device

2. Rail grinding machine engine anti-inclining device

3. Railway ratchet wheel T-wrench

4. Motor-driven bolt wrench with impact function

5. Digital display motor-driven bolt wrench with torsion control function

6. High speed railway inspection vehicle image information acquisition system

7. On-line CNC rail fine grinding machine

8. Double-side laser electronic flat ruler

9. Locomotive top-ascending safety alarm device

10. MAS150 rail fine grinding machine automatic correcting system control software

11. High speed railway double-track automatic flaw detection vehicle

12. Railway construction safety alarm device

13. Medium-frequency heating rail pressure welding technology

14. Immersion type C scanning rail flaw detection technology

15. High speed railway catenary on-line infrared thermal imager (pending)

IV. Project products filling the technical blank

1. High speed railway small inspection vehicle image information acquisition system

The overall weight is 40 kg, the vehicle supports self traveling, and the adopted high speed linear array camera can take photos for high speed railway at night to perform appearance quality analysis.

2. Medium-frequency heating rail pressure welding technology

A new welding technology adopts the medium-frequency heating mode, and the base metal welding technology is adopted to weld the rail

3. Immersion type C scanning rail flaw detection technology

The technology solves the problem that ultrasonic flaw detection is difficult to perform due to special shape of the rail and achieves inspection of special loss like grey spots.

V. Products against foreign technology

1. Equipment in rail welding plant, fine grinding machine, fine adjuster, deruster and the like are redesigned and improved based on foreign equipment, and the problem in the foreign equipment is solved and optimized. The performance is more advanced and reliable.

2. The on-line rail grinding machine adopts the digital automatic control technology and changes the foreign way that the manual grinding device relies on the experience of operators.

3. The digital display torsion wrench is pushed out synchronously with foreign products and is simple and reliable in structure.

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