Sales and service network

Sales and service network

Headquartered in Fengtai Science Park, Beijing, our company has major offices in railway bureaus all over the country and rail transit large and medium-sized cities, including Harbin office, Shenyang office, Taiyuan office, Datong office, Hohhot office, Shanghai office, Jinan office, Wuhan office, Xining office, Xi'an office, Guangzhou office, Nanning office, Nanchang office, Kunming office, Chengdu office, Lanzhou office, Urumchi office, Zhengzhou office and Yinchuan office. The company can timely solve the problems of railway maintenance and keep operation smoothness of the line with the omni-directional instant effective communication and appropriate service. The company is sincerely to provide customers with satisfactory products and services!

All-round service

Pre-sale service

The company will initiatively display and introduce products and characteristics, and sales personnel can provide door-to-door service to introduce use range and function advantages of the products to help customers to identify the model and make choice.

On-purchase service

Railway site installation guidance, free commissioning of product machines and technical training on operators.

After-sale service

The company provides free technical service in guarantee period and timely repair and replace accessories.

The company further provides door-to-door service regularly and telephone interview and provides lifetime services. 

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