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  • Name: Integrated Track Diagnosis & Inspection Train
  • ID: c149

The large automatic comprehensive diagnosis inspection vehicle is the cooperative development project of our company, has two vehicle labs and can perform all-around technical inspection and surveillance on track infrastructure, catenary overhead system and communication system.

The comprehensive inspection vehicle adopts modularized design and application, and the labs and the function modules can be combined randomly and operate independently to finish designated working test. The vehicle is widely applied to national railway and urban railway systems, is provided with various modules according to the requirements of customers, and achieves multiple detection aiming at different purposes. The aims of being convenient, flexible and economic and meeting the requirement can be met.

The comprehensive inspection vehicle can finish monitoring and measurement of more than 120 items to perform comprehensive inspection on track foundation parameters, geodetic coordinates, foundation geological condition, tunnel bridge geometric dimensions, space scanning, catenary overhead shape and electric parameter communication systems.
Some functions are listed as follows:

Railway track status and railway track geometrical shape

Foundation parameters, long-term irregularity and track vertical section

Space dimensions of bridge, tunnel and track and similar construction scale

Track geometrical shape monitoring

Interaction between rail and railway vehicles

Space scanning

Overhead catenary system status

Video monitoring and thermal vision monitoring of overhead catenary system; video monitoring of track and fastening part status

Video monitoring of railway status

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